About the Wall of Fame

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About the Wall of Fame

Photosurgeon has been shooting photos of people he has encountered since he got his first Nikon in 1969. The results have become forged into an enormous floor-to-ceiling montage on a prominent wall in his current home in Cupertino.

We’re on a one-name basis with many of his subjects. For example: stars (Dolly, Paul and Bette), musicians (Bo, Brubeck, Yo-Yo, Arlo, Tina and Baez), athletes (Ali, Dr. J, Kobe, LeBron, Tiger, Kareem and Magic), and political leaders (Gorbachev, Arnold, Obama, Condyleezza, Kissinger and Hillary).

The “Wall of Fame” started in 1976 in Dr. Ressman’s Colorado home dining room as a collection of eight mounted photos and has grown since. The “Wall” was featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine April 7, 2002.

Each month this website features five or more photos from “The Wall of Fame” as well as other images from the collection. Each image is printed on professional quality photographic paper using the latest digital techniques and archival inks. To license or purchase images, contact us.